Just So Festival UK

Rowan Hoban and Sarah Bird, Directors of Wild Rumpus who produce large scale immersive outdoor family arts events in natural landscapes, set up Just So Festival in 2009 to create a spellbinding weekend where families could step out of their day to day lives, be immersed in incredible stories and moments of wonder together, and experience world class, breathtaking outdoor arts.

Wild Rumpus produce extraordinary worlds, most often in wild natural landscapes, and invite families to step inside and help to create incredible stories and moments of wonder. Alongside producing large-scale events, we’re working with performers, producers and programmers to shape a cultural environment where excellent outdoor work for families.

In 2016, our producing partners in Brazil launched Just So Festival Brasil In Itu, a city around an hour south of Sao Paolo. We’re delighted to be welcoming Just So Festival New Zealand into our international family!

Team Just So UK

Just So Festival New Zealand

Kaly Newman, the New Zealand Producer, hails from the UK and took her own son to the UK festival in the first couple of years of its inception. Having lived in Wellington for the past three years and appreciating the kiwi outdoor lifestyle and love of creativity in the Capital, it became clear that the Just So Festival could bring much joy to families in New Zealand. She says, “Just So Festival is completely unique and my son and I created wonderful memories there. Now that he is a teenager, I fondly look back on that moment in time where we sung, danced, dressed up, and laughed together, enjoying the sunshine and nature and the joyous festival environment – it was the perfect way to spend our summers”.  Just So Festival New Zealand Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit, registered charity.

Just So Festival NZ is so excited to share the Just So festival experience with a brand new audience of Just Soers on the other side of the world from where it first began – we can’t wait to meet you!  See you in February!

Make A Donation

Just So Festival NZ is proud to be working in partnership with Birthright, the national charity for one parent families, and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren – the national charity that helps support those grandparents raising grandchildren full-time.  We desire to make the event as accessible as possible for some of those families who might not ordinarily be able to afford to access the event and so we ask of your generosity.  A way that you can help a family from one of these charities to attend the festival is if, upon buying your own ticket at iTICKET, you choose to select an extra donation ticket of $10.00 (or multiples of however much you wish to donate).  This will then directly go to the purchase of a family weekend pass for a family from one these two wonderful charities, enabling children from all walks of life to be exposed to the magic of creativity and the meaningful connection of community that is at the heart of what Just So is all about.