Accessibility is high on our agenda and we want to make sure that disabled customers and those with specific requirements have the best experience possible.

It is our intention that Just So Festival New Zealand is as accessible and enjoyable as possible for disabled festival goers and those with specific requirements.

Accessibility is factored throughout the logistics and programming. For example, there will be clear information on our website and guidelines in our hard-copy programmes as to what performances and workshops are about so families can judge what will best suit them. For instance, for those on the autistic spectrum who occasionally need some time away from sensory overload, items on the programme will be highlighted as “Quiet Corner” – which means it is away from the hustle and bustle of the festival; “Sensory Spectacle” will inform the audience where something is very loud and visual; “Fun Without Borders” will indicate where something is in the open air, not in a tent; “Participate” – if you want to get get involved and take part; plus other guidelines that enable to programming to be as accessible as possible. There will also be personal assistants on hand (booked and assigned in the weeks before the festival) for those who need help getting around the festival site, need their medication storing in the fridge in the production office, and other practical elements that are of help.

Over the forthcoming months as we prepare for the festival, much thought will be put to what we need to do to make to make the festival as accessible as possible. We are super keen to help out in any way we can to make sure the festival is as manageable as can be for people from different walks of life…do get in contact well in advance before the festival to discuss any needs or questions you may have and we will gladly help you all we can.

Accessible Parking

We have a section of accessible parking so please let us know, via email, in advance of the festival and we can book this for you –

Free Personal Assistant Tickets

For those who are registered disabled or are severely sight impaired (blind), please email us to confirm and we will arrange a Personal Assistant ticket for you.

Accessible Camping

Please email us and let us know so we can reserve a spot.